Verantwortungsvolle Beschaffung von Rohstoffen

To manufacture high-quality ingredients for our bakery, patisserie, and chocolate industry, Puratos sources many different raw materials from around the world. We are 100% committed to responsible sourcing and make sure we collaborate within our supply chain to keep improving our sourcing practices. 

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We expect our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct, or we welcome the opportunity for them to share their own ethical standards with us. This ensures that a consistent level of ethical requirements is maintained throughout our supply and production chains.

About Cocoa

At Puratos, we recognize the vital role cocoa plays in producing real chocolate, coating chocolate, fat-based fillings, and bakery mixes. We are deeply committed to creating a sustainable future by collaborating closely with key stakeholders. We firmly believe that addressing sector challenges such as farmer income, forced labor, and deforestation requires collective action from all stakeholders within the cocoa and chocolate industry, including consumers.

To demonstrate our commitment, we have developed the Cacao-Trace program, which prioritizes quality and provides additional income to farmers worldwide. Cacao-Trace is our groundbreaking program that revolutionizes cocoa sourcing. By offering farmers fair prices and our exclusive Chocolate Bonus of 0.10 euro per kilogram sold, we create a life-changing impact. Through value sharing, we invest in cocoa farmers and their communities, ensuring their economic well-being and fostering sustainable farming practices.

More about palm oil

We are, at Puratos, are deeply committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing of palm oil for our bakery, patisserie, and chocolate products. We recognize the environmental and social challenges associated with palm oil supply chains, particularly the risk of deforestation.

Our foremost objective is to ensure the cultivation of sustainable palm oil that respects biodiversity, natural ecosystems, and rights of local communities. Through stringent traceability measures, we diligently monitor our supply chain, collaborating exclusively with certified suppliers who share our values.

About Fruit

At Puratos, we believe that responsible sourcing is important throughout the whole value chain. This also reflects in our fruit sourcing strategy, which is an integral part of our commitments to a sustainable future. Our ‘Field to Fork’-program, aims to source our fruit sustainably compliant with our Fruit Pesticide Policy . 

We know that peolpe are getting more and more conscious about the food they are consuming and buying. To achieve our objectives, we work closely with fruit farmers worldwide, sharing our expertise and insights to ensure that the fruits used in our products are grown sustainably and sourced with full transparency. Our focus is on creating value across the entire supply chain, from farmers to end consumers.

About Eggs

Puratos recognizes the significance of animal welfare and its impact on our environment and food production. As providers of bakery, patisserie, and chocolate ingredients, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices by developing alternative ingredients that reduce the reliance on animal-based raw materials like dairy products and eggs. 

Our focus is on creating innovative and high-quality plant-based alternatives to meet the evolving needs of our customers and consumers. By offering these alternatives, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate food system.


Wir setzen uns dafür ein, einen positiven Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft auszuüben. In diesem Sinne setzen wir Pläne zur CO2-Neutralität, verantwortungsvollen Wassernutzung und Abfallreduktion um.

Besserer Planet

Here at Puratos, we know how important it is to take good care of our planet. We reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as we can and have pledged to help preserve our forests and biodiversity. In addition, we aim to source all of our ingredients responsibly, ensuring minimum impact on planet Earth.